Binocular Head Magnifier


Binocular head magnifier for fine work


This light weight magnifier is a must for anyone who needs to see their work close up while leaving both hands free.

The optical polished glass lenses allow distortion free viewing. Adjusts to all head sizes and can be worn over prescription lenses or safety glasses.

A must for jewellers, tool and die makers or polishers. Faceting, gem stone carving, Needle point/cross stitching or sewing.

Doctors, dentists, circuit board work and anything that requires close inspection.

Supplied with 4 lenses

Lens Plate No              Magnifying Ratio          Focus Length

No 2                              1.5x                                 20 inches

No 4                              2x                                     10 inches

No 5                              2.5x                                   8 inches

No 10                            3.5x                                   4 inches

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Additional information

Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 5 cm


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